Smart Kit

Smart Syringe
Smart piston, plunger, lock

Smart piston, Plunger, Lock

Avoiding the complications

Adipose tissue sizes are adjustable with Adinizer and our protocols without killing of fat cells.
The common complications of fat grafting such as visibility and irregularity can be avoided. More graft intake and retention are available. Also, as like HA or non autologous fillers you can create your preferred diameters of fat grafting.

» Smart Pistons: Fat/Cell Processing pistons with auto-locking weight valves for 10ml, 20ml, 60 ml BD syringe.

» Smart lock: Manual Handheld Suction Unit for Harvesting Fat Tissue
(for 20 ml & 60 ml BD syringe)

» Smart Piston & Plunger in Fat tissue / Cell processing tools in combination with Smart Pistons.