The Adipose Tissue Paradigm Changer

What can we do with Adinizers.

The best and novel devices for micronizing, homogenizing and sizing of adipose-tissue and for regenerative stromal cell and tissue processing.

Adipose tissue sizes are adjustable with Adinizer and our protocols without killing of fat cells.
The common complications of fat grafting such as visibility and irregularity can be avoided. More graft intake and retention are available. Also, as like HA or non autologous fillers you can create your preferred diameters of fat grafting.

» Exclusively patented ultra sharp blade system.

» Star-spangled, Sharp Blade-ed ged, Micropore discs are designed by Korean medical high technology.


(Adjustable Regenerative Adipose-tissue Transfer)

Using various sizes of Adinizers from 4000 to 100 microns, whatever preferred sizes of regenerative adipose tissues can be processed in a closed sterile way even at office based clinic in 5 to 15 minutes.
Adinizer has been patented in 2017 and more than 200 clinical trials and more than 400 labarotory analysis have been performed.

(MEchanical SVF Transfer)

Our ultra-sharp blade edge Adinizers, exclusively patented, are the one and only medical device to be able to mechanically and non-enzymatically harvest real stromal cells (mechanical SVFs) so quickly. Now forget the confused nanofat or microfat.